Centre Introduction

Service areas include cataract surgery, LASIK laser refractive correction, comprehensive eye examination and management of common eye diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, Oculoplastic and eyelid surgery, lazy eyes and squint, as well as the dispensing of glasses and contact lenses.

The Hong Kong Eye Day Surgery Centre acquired the WaveLight® Ex 500Excimer Laser System, and the Intralase FS 150, the most cutting-edge models for LASIK surgery. We have also upgraded our phacoemulsification systems to provide superior cataract surgery.

What's New

The Hong Kong Eye Day Surgery Centre acquired VICTUS™ femtosecond laser cataract surgery equipment in May 2012, becoming only the third clinic in Asia to acquire the technology. Made by German-based company Bausch + Lomb Technolas, the VICTUS™ femtosecond laser platform allows cataract surgeons to perform the most critical parts of the surgery without using blades, and with incredible accuracy that even the best surgeon in the world cannot match.

The laser platform automates the most challenging steps of cataract surgery, making it more precise, more predictable and therefore safer. Computer-guided precision allows the laser to create a perfectly round and centered opening in the lens capsule, and this increased accuracy can result in more precise placement of the new artificial lens, and thus better vision for the patient after surgery.

The laser cuts the lens into small pieces so that less ultrasound energy is required to turn the cataract into fragments tiny enough to be removed with suction. Less ultrasound energy means less trauma to the eye, which typically means faster recovery after surgery.

To date, the centre has performed cataract surgery on more than 1,500 patients with the VICTUS™ femtosecond laser platform.