Hong Kong Eye Day Surgery Centre

Lasik Q & A

Is it painful during the procedure
Anesthetic eyedrops will be applied before LASIK, therefore it is not painful during the procedure.
When can the vision recover
Most people recovers 80% within 24 hours.
Is it once in for all
LASIK improves unaided vision, therefore the dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Most people stabilise within a few months.
Is it safe
LASIK incorporates laser technology, which has proven safety and accuracy. Previous complications arising from the laser were due to undesired eye movements during treatment. This problem is now solved by the integral infrared tracking device, which ensures laser precision.
Is there much problem in creating the corneal lamellar flap
With the improved instrumentation, this process is straightforward. Coordination between the patient and the surgeon remains important. If flap creation has not been satisfactory, the complete surgery will be postponed until the corneal healed in approximately three months.
Are there any side effects or complications

After LASIK surgery, the following may occur:

Glare or halo (these will diminish over a short period of time)
If the corneal flap heals unsatisfactorily or if cornea developed striae after undesired eye rubbing, then visual quality may be compromised.
Some patients may develop astigmatism but the degree is usually mild without affecting visual quality.
Is it necessary to attend a hospital
No. Modern LASIK surgery is fast and safe; injectional anesthesia is not required. Therefore there is no need to attend a hospital.